The Mind Over All Else

The real solution to everything is inside you

It feels like it was only a few days back that I first experienced the powers of the mind and how it can control even the most unimaginable situations. In reality, it was nearly 20 years back in a Hypnosis Workshop at Mangalore (conducted by the wonderful Pradeep Aggarwal) that I first learnt the power of words over the human mind, and thereby over everything else that it controls.

It has been a long journey since that day when I first learnt hypnosis, about the Silva Method of Alpha-dreaming to achieve one’s desires, and of using mind-programming to take away the fears, phobias, and hurdles in ones path to success. The last two decades have seen much learning and experience amassed in Magic, Hypnosis, NLP, Body Language, Communication, Psychology, Persuasion, User Experience, and of course the corporate life itself.

The best part in this has been my Mind Reading shows and talks which have provided wonderful opportunities and also created long-term friendship with many in the corporate world. This success is clearly the result of the myriad life-skills learnt and practiced over the years.

I sincerely believe this is as perfect a time as any to start imparting this wonderful knowledge to others and enable them to change their lives for the better.



Introductory Workshop in Persuasive Communication

Learn to be a Master Communicator!

It has been in the works for nearly three years now and I am finally satisfied that the programme is ready to transform lives. Yes! My much-awaited Persuasive Communication Workshop is being inaugurated this weekend.

This workshop have been specially-designed by me to enable the participants to learn and develop powerful persuasive abilities that are seen only in the hands of a few world-class speakers and entertainers.

By combining the most effective learnings of Hypnotism, NLP, Memory Skills, Magic, Body Language, Behaviour, & Persuasion, the workshop achieves more than any other communication programme and makes an everlasting impression.

For more details, see Persuasive Communication Workshop.



As promised, this is just the beginning!