The World Alliance of Magicians… and more…

The World Alliance of Magicians (WAM) (set up in 1997-98) was dedicated to preserve the wonder and amazement of the Magical Arts for the general public, to protect the secrets of the magic profession from exposure and to reinforce the positive contributions of the Magical Arts to society.

In December 2003, Walter ‘Zaney’ Blaney, the President-Emeritus of WAM, wrote in his “Open Letter to the Magic Community”:

The World Alliance of Magicians (W.A.M.) has been in existence for just over five years. During that time, we have had our successes and failures as we have battled for the preservation of ethics in magic, the protection of the mystery of magic and the defense for the inventors, creators and manufacturers of proprietary illusions. But to borrow a quote from the Oracle in the movie “The Matrix Revolutions”, “Everything that has a beginning has an end.” And so, the end has come for W.A.M.

Further, Zaney explained:

The few of us officers who have “fought the good fight” have decided that the most important goal that we have accomplished was to raise interest among the magic organizations in regards to ethics in magic. Now the I.B.M., S.A.M. and The Magic Circle, along with many other organizations around the world have “changed the focus” of their own ethics committees toward dealing with the topics of magic exposures, rip-off manufacturers and the protection of magical inventor’s rights.

The officers of W.A.M. have decided “our work here is now done” and we are going to return to the pursuit of our other interests. These past several years would not have been scattered with success stories without the assistance of many of you who are reading this now.

Sadly, the WAM is no more with us as an organization, but the people are…

I wonder if setting up an IAM (Indian Alliance of Magicians) will benefit us in any way… Or will it just add to the myriad of magical societies and clubs we already have in abundance in the country?

The fact that this is NEITHER a membership-fees oriented, NOR publicity-oriented organisation might help… But will it be enough to control the self-inflated egos that we have?

Can we come together for a common cause? Can we take it upon ourselves to put aside our professional and personal differences, and unite in a common cause… That of the betterment of the art of legerdemain?

Waiting responses…