Well, those in India would have ‘enjoyed’ themselves watching the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, M Karunanidhi, being hauled out of his bed and bundled into prison like a sack of potatoes.

Those interested in Media & Politics would not have been very surprised to see the entire episode from the second camera… where Mr Karunanidhi was shown to walk along happily with the State Police 😉

You might have also had a good laugh watching a Union Minister being carried like a sack of sawdust (albeit the sack would not pound the policemen on their heads), and also watched in shock and disbelief when the same Union Minister forced into the State Prison in his Official car (lights blaring and all)…

While most of us are apprehensive about the current state of affairs in the “World’s Greatest Democracy,” communication or media students would be most happy (like me).

These particular videos as shown (telecast, to be politically correct) by Sun TV and Jaya TV are a media analysts dream come true in his/her quest to understand Representation – How the media shapes the way we see the world.

The dynamics of media ownership play a very important role here, with Sun TV being owned by Karunanidhi’s Nephew (for the record) and Jaya TV being owned by Jayalalitha’s well-wishers (off the record)

While you try to analyse or study the events as they unfold on Star Plus, and other channels, may be you would spare a little time to check out a new website I have put together on Yahoo! Geocities called Nakul Shenoy Online! and located at http://www.geocities.com/nakulshenoy/ – this site is my attempt to maintain an online portfolio.

Do let me know your feedback on the same 😉

Till my next posting… Enjoy the media war that is being played in Tamil Nadu, India by two political bigwigs. These political stalwarts meanwhile are being drubbed “anarchists” by the ‘neutral & free’ Indian media 😉

Check out this very interesting article at Tehelka.com too: http://www.tehelka.com/currentaffairs/july2001/ca070201arrest1.htm


  1. I liked your site, especially the research paper you did on magic as a means of communication. I’d never thought of it that way before.

    Which reminds me, do you know the trick of smoking an unlit cigarette? I’ve done this trick many times and it fools people every time the first time they see it. I take an cigarette and pretend to smoke it without lighting it, appearing to draw very hard on it… so hard that my face sometimes turns red! Then I blow out a small puff of “smoke”.

    The way it works is that I use my tongue, throat muscles and diaphragm to compress a big breath of air very hard. This condenses the moisture enough that I appear to blow out a small puff of smoke (which is really just water vapor). Fools ’em every time!

    1. a real nice trick 😉


      Glad you liked my research paper… Want to take it forward for a PhD too 😉

      btw pal, a neat little trick you have there…

      Do you perform magic, or just like to use to entertain your friends now and then ?


      1. Re: a real nice trick 😉

        Just a bit of entertainment. I only know a couple of tricks, and that’s the easiest one to perform impromptu. The question you asked in your paper about what people viewed magic as reminded me of that trick; I once used it (without the cigarette) to teach my daughter about where clouds come from.

  2. karunanidhi

    hey magic,

    the art of a fine haircut and karunanidhi had nothing in common to me before that fateful saturday when i dropped in at the barber’s.

    but that day, the TV came on and flashed those highly entertaining scenes of the TN boys confronting the TN cops. the barber watched, open-mouthed and snipping away. I watched, wide-eyed.

    and when we were done, he was so close to my skull that to get any closer would have required an expert act of microsurgery. All I remember was that manic snipping… and karunanidhi screaming murder….and next thing I have a hair-don’t (as opposed to a hair-do).

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