In What’s wrong with Sonia? R Swaminathan writes:

[…] Every time a BJP stalwart raises the issue of Sonia Gandhi’s origin, I am reminded of the story my mother used to tell me as a kid about a fox and grapes and its apparent sourness.

Graceful in defeat and modest in victory might be a mothballed adage, but one that Indian democracy has always adhered by.

But the Venkaiahs, Sushmas and Jaitleys have been anything but graceful. Instead of finding out why they lost despite the presence of so-called giants like Vajpayee, Advani and Joshi, they have been constantly sniping at Sonia and her children. […]

Swami has written a very nice article. I tend to agree with him on everything he has said about the BJP-led NDA’s response to the trashing they got this election.

Instead of being “gracious” in defeat, they are totally lost in how to come to terms with the “unexpected” defeat. Sushma’s comments, Uma Bharati’s resignation, and even the NDA-reaction (through George Fernandes) about the fickle-mindedness of Sonia Gandhi is proof of all this.

Having said that, I am still to come to terms and get a bearing on the drama that has been staged over the last couple of days, by the Sonia Gandhi-led Congress. The everlasting issue of “to be or not to be” PM seems to be going on too long… with a final verdict STILL being awaited as I am writing this.

While I have nothing against Sonia Gandhi, I have to say that my feelings seem to be match perfectly with those expressed by Shishir Bhate in Why am I disturbed about Sonia as PM? also appearing in

So while I agree with Swami’s thoughts in the context of Sonia Gandhi refusing to be the India’s PM, I don’t think I will agree with it if she does become the Prime Minister.


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  1. Hmmm.. Looks like Swami had to face a lot of FLAK for expressing his thoughts… My sympathy and support are with you, Swami.


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