To buy or not to buy?

I have the money to buy the Digital Video Camera now, but I am really getting the jitters about taking it through the customs.

Still trying to gather the courage (the money is already there) and may be the foolishness to attempt this…

But then deep inside me, I think I know I will never attempt something like this. I think my conscience knows that finally I will buy this much-soughted camera in India itself… albeit it will prove to be much much expensive than say Singapore, or even Hong Kong!

Well, let’s wait and see what happens…


  1. if u want it and you have the money..what are you waiting for pishe. GO GET IT.

    1. Well, I did not buy it finally… but for other reasons

      Hi Ram,

      Well, I don’t know if you term me as a professional, but I am from a documentary and film-making background. Hope to move into the documentary-making industry soon 😉

      Anyways, I did not buy the Video Camera, but for some other reason… Will write about the experience of a life time (When I went to buy the camera) soon 😉


  2. Oh yes, I know this feeling. Till date, I’ve managed to get past customs with fancy electrical goods on every occassion. My last successful smuggling venture was a digital camera through Madras airport.Perhaps it helped that I was flying into India from Singapore via Colombo. I just wore the camera around my belt. It looked just like a simple Rs. 2,500 auto-focus camera. So I was able to walk through the green channel without any problem.

    I like to follow the rules too. But import duties are exhorbitant. This week, my dad will be bringing me a Pocket PC from Kuwait. Cost anywhere in the world: Rs. 25,000. Cost in India: Rs. 40,000. I can understand if it’s 5,000 more, but a whole 15,000?

    Anyway, coming to your craving for a digital video camera. I suggest that you buy it if you really need it. Do you have a sophisticated PC at home that can handle high-end video editing? Personally, I think that those who buy video cameras without professional reasons don’t use it to the fullest. You could go in for a digital still camera instead. I recommend the Casio QV-3000 which has a 30-second video capture feature.

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