Steve a.k.a hilltop makes an honest / patriotic / nationalist / democratic / anti-republican (take your pick) plea to the undecided US voter, ONE: To Vote, and TWO: to vote anti-Bush. (Steve correct me if I am wrong!)

Hope some heed to Steve’s advise.

Then again, will in fact a change of face in the white house bring about a change in the US foreign policy… is anybody’s guess.


  1. Arundhati Roy has the best take on this I’ve seen.

    1. That’s really a good speech. Read through the whole thing…

      As regards the LJ-CUT, you could have provided the whole speech within an LJ-CUT, akin to the link you provided here for my benefit. The interested would read. Like me ­čśë

      Anyways, here are some select sections I wish to reproduce from the speech:

      The question is: is “democracy” still democratic?

      Are democratic governments accountable to the people who elected them? And, critically, is the public in democratic countries responsible for the actions of its sarkar? […]

      As for the Indian poor, once they’ve provided the votes, they are expected to bugger off home. Policy will be decided despite them. […]

      In India, there is a difference between an overtly fascist party (the BJP) and a party that slyly pits one community against another (Congress), and sows the seeds of communalism that are then so ably harvested by the BJP. […]

      Terrorism is vicious, ugly, and dehumanizing for its perpetrators, as well as its victims. But so is war. You could say that terrorism is the privatization of war. Terrorists are the free marketers of war. They are people who don’t believe that the state has a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence.

      Human society is journeying to a terrible place.

      Of course, there is an alternative to terrorism. It’s called justice.

      It’s time to recognize that no amount of nuclear weapons or full-spectrum dominance or daisy cutters or spurious governing councils and loya jirgas can buy peace at the cost of justice.

      The urge for hegemony and preponderance by some will be matched with greater intensity by the longing for dignity and justice by others.

      Exactly what form that battle takes, whether its beautiful or bloodthirsty, depends on us.


      Beautifully put. One thing is for sure: Roy is a terrific writer, and good speaker.

      Having said that, let’s not bring in her activism yet… There can be disagreements seeping in.


      1. Her perceptiveness needs to be applied to what’s going on in the US right now, particularly in terms of the election. It’s as if the majority of the electorate has put blinders on regarding both candidates. No one looks objectively at what either of them has done, nor what they are proposing to do. Arguments from both sides are based on ideologies, not on facts, and counterarguments are met with either hostility or stony silence.

        We are in big trouble in the US, whichever of these children of privilege wins the election this time. I have never seen this county so absolutely divided and at the same time so absolutely blind, and so unwilling to change.

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