Season’s greetings to you, my friend!

Following up on my write-up about magical blogs, I thought it best to push some agenda and try to get more of my magician friends connected.

The IndianMagique eGroup completed three years of existence on December 03. It is alive and kicking thanks to the support of nearly 40 magicians from all over the country, including some top names.

Serving as a common platform for Indian magicians to discuss the art of legerdemain, membership to the IndianMagique eGroup is strictly restricted. For more details, visit To join the largest Indian magicians’ community online, send blank email to

After the self-indulgence, let me move on to an interesting topic.

If you are one of those who have the luxury of a broadband connection, then you should visit One visit to this Online Radio Station dedicated to Magic and Magicians, and you will keep going back for more.

On air since October 2004, Magic Broadcast – Radio for Magicians broadcasts magic tricks, interviews, music, and more 24/7 for magicians across the globe. So whether you use WinAmp, iTunes, or Windows Player – MagicBroadcast is the station to tune in to!

You also have the ability to download these as Podcasts, and play them through your iPod or iTune player.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!