Unlearn. Only Way to Relearn.

Always make room to learn something new!

A few weeks back, I had written about the importance of being ready for change. And just this last week, I too had an occasion to take up the challenge thrown my way in an event at Bangalore!

I have always believed that my Mind Reader performances required a minimum duration of 20 minutes, and ideally a show duration of 30-45 minutes. In this corporate event, owing to a lot of extraneous factors, the performance had to be cut down to just one act of 15 minutes. Plus, the other feature acts had not quite lived up their promise, and I had to take stage in a matter of crisis.

At the end of those 15-minutes I pretty much surprised myself – and left everybody else in a shocked state of astonishment – as I had delivered a phenomenally-powerful, fast-paced, highly-interactive performance. And with that my long-held belief in a personal theory of performance has changed – for good. I realise now more than ever, that we should be open to taking change by its horns, at every available opportunity.

The last few weeks have been wonderful with various happy occurrences, including a workshop for senior faculty from nine constituent colleges of Manipal University and corporate shows for Microsoft, Bosch, HDFC, and Karnataka Tourism Forum, among others. The icing on the cake was a feature by the children’s magazine, Hoop-la ClubThat Job Rocks: A Career in Magic and Reading Minds.

Meanwhile, Popular Science India published my article in their November 2014 issue on what makes remembering so difficult, and what we can do about it. You can read it here: Speaking of Memory: Why Don’t We Remember?

Most of all, I had a wonderful time engaging with about 50 members of a professional HR group – MTHR Global – via Whatsapp, answering nearly 25 questions about people behaviour and intuition. Please read the transcript of this interesting Q&A interaction: Powers of the Mind and what you can do with them.

As another year draws to a close, we should all look back to the wonderful things and happy memories that this year brought us, and look forward to the more wonderful things that the new year 2015 will bring us. After all, we get what we wish for, and that gives us more that enough reason to look optimistically to the future.

I look forward to catching up soon.