Visualising Your Way to Success

Most tasks are easier when one accomplishes it a second time, or so we feel and believe. This is one of the reasons that stage/theatre-persons, sportstars, and others that have to deliver in the public eye each time employ various techniques of visualisation.

Visualisation helps you see through the task at hand, before it happens, as if it happened — making the actual task a  second coming of sorts. The world of coaching, both sports and executive employs this tactic in various ways, and so will we to our best advantage.

The secret of visualisation is in closing ones eyes, and seeing in the minds eye (visualising) with full attention the series of actions or motions that one will be going through in a while.

Many a top stage performers and magicians have shared how they take a moment just before they take stage to close their eyes, concentrate, and see in their minds eye their entire act — right from the moment they walk on stage, fast-forwarded through the whole show, right up to the end where they *see* them getting the standing ovation & accolades.

Start with the concentration technique (A Quick Way to Relax and Focus) shared with you some months back, and as soon as you have taken the three deep breaths and are in the state of deep relaxation, you continue right through to the visualisation technique.

Start slowly, in full detail, and as you progress through the exercise, speeden up the tasks, watching the pictures rush through in front of your eyes — like watching a video/movie running in fast-forward mode. Live through all the details, as your fast-forward them, till you reach the desired end.

Now emerge out of your visualisation technique prepared to excel at the task at hand. This technique is similar to the shadow-boxing techniques employed by the boxers, and is very powerful. Try it. It takes not more than 2-3 minutes to run through and complete, but leaves you energised, powerful, and raring to accomplish the task at hand easily.