U.S. Inspires World With Attempt At Democratic Election

NEW YORK — Observers from around the world report that they were inspired and moved by America’s most recent attempt to hold a public election in accordance with the standards of a democratic republic.

“After all of the recriminations, infighting, and general madness before the election, the people of this fractured nation still found the courage to show up at the polls,” said Anas Salman, an Afghan U.N. official who was in New York during the American electoral experiment. “More than half of America’s citizens—a large portion of them women—made a valiant attempt to choose their own leader, even though there was no guarantee their votes would be counted. It was truly inspirational.” […]

Where else, but from the pages of the Onion!

On a serious note:

If Kerry and Bush were both not adopting anti-outsourcing stands, I would have sincerely suggested the specialized services of T N Seshan or even Krishnamurty to enable the USA have a fair and free election…

I am sure the ex-CECs of India would have been more than proficient in resolving once and for all the ballt related issues in some of the US states, especially (notably?) Florida.