Is it time to rally around and fight for the freedom of the press and moreover the Fundamental Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression as guaranteed by the constitution to every citizen of India?

The Hindu: Attack on Geelani: editor questioned

Vinod Jose, I am proud to say, is a alumnus of my alma mater – Manipal Institute of Communication.

Vinod: We are with you in this moment of crisis. Keep the faith.



  1. Say what? We have a fundamental right to freedom of speech? Haven’t you read the fine print in the next clause?

    1. Wow! What an analogy… Article 19(2) as “fine print”

      Loved that ­čśÇ

      But seriously, I doubt if the said article was an infringement on Art. 19 (2). Unless of course, we were in a state of emergency.

      Hmm… I wonder…


      1. Art. 19 (2)

        Thanks Nakul…for your post. (Lal salaam. Don’t raise your brows.)
        On ‘fine print’…
        Well, the said article was not an infringement on Art. 19. But the act of police harrassment on the grounds of “information of sources” surely is…
        A fu***** police official can’t be told how you or me get a story/story idea. That’s none of his/her business. Doesn’t give them the license or authority to ransack a newshouse or a journo’s house on grounds of ‘suspicion’…
        But ‘fine print’ tastes gud on the tongue ­čÖé Seems like the blue print of a conspiracy note to the Pope…(with due apologies to the pious.)

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