1. Hi ! I’ve just found you on mt friend’s list and so, ( gestures hypnotically) I’ve added you to mine. I used to do a little hypnotism until I tried it on a friend who was far too good a subject. This experience made me decide to cease and desist from further adventures with hypnotism.

    It’s good to have a friend in India, which I love. I’ve only travelled in the north, but would love to visit places like Kerala before I fall off my perch

    1. Under a hypnotic spell…

      Hi Bill! … At least that’s what you have entered as your name 😉

      Nice of you to write in… It’s wonderful to have a friend in Australia too 😉

      And Kerala is the neighbouring state of Karnataka, where I am.

      Regarding Hypnotism, I hypnotise too… and till now no mishaps… Lucky you say?

      But then, I know of somebody who allegedly hypnotised a friend, and was unable to bring him out of it! Had to get his teacher to come down to bring him out 😉

      Do keep in touch.

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