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Heard on the News that General Wesley Clark has officially announced his candidature for the US Presidency Elections 2004. Thought I would check out what the world has in store should the General be Mr. President….

The 100 Year Vision

By Gen. Wesley Clark

Looking ahead 100 years, the United States will be defined by our environment, both our physical environment and our legal, Constitutional environment. America needs to remain the most desirable country in the world, attracting talent and investment with the best physical and institutional environment in the world. But achieving our goals in these areas means we need to begin now. Environmentally, it means that we must do more to protect our natural resources, enabling us to extend their economic value indefinitely through wise natural resource extraction policies that protect the beauty and diversity of our American ecosystems – our seacoasts, mountains, wetlands, rain forests, alpine meadows, original timberlands and open prairies. We must balance carefully the short term needs for commercial exploitation with longer term respect for the natural gifts our country has received. We may also have to assist market-driven adjustments in urban and rural populations, as we did in the 19th Century with the Homestead Act.

Institutionally, our Constitution remains the wellspring of American freedom and prosperity. We must retain a pluralistic democracy, with institutional checks and balances that reflect the will of the majority while safeguarding the rights of the minority. We will seek to maximize the opportunities for private gain, consistent with concern for the public good. And the Clark administration will institute a culture of transparency and accountability, in which we set the world standard for good government. As new areas of concern arise – in the areas of intellectual property, bioethics, and other civil areas – we will assure continued access to the courts, as well as to the other branches of government, and a vibrant competitive media that informs our people and enables their effective participation in civic life. And even more importantly, we will assure in meeting the near term challenges of the day – whether they be terrorism or something else – that , we don’t compromise the freedoms and rights which are the very essence of the America we are protecting. […]

Full article: http://www.americansforclark.com/vision.php

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The golden questions:

  1. Will the United States of America survive another 100 years?
  2. If yes, will anything of the rest of the world survive the 100 years?