Don’t feel disheartened, Sonia to workers

When I spoke to the Congress Parliamentary Party yesterday, I expected that there would be some disappointment and some sadness. But I have been totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotion from nearly every corner of our country. And I have been humbled by the love and affection that has been so spontaneously expressed.

To all of you who are upset or disappointed, I have this to say: I am not going anywhere. I am still very much in politics. I will continue as Congress president and chairperson, Congress Party in Parliament for as long as you want me to. I am one of you. And nothing will ever change that. […]

Finally the drama cometh to an end… and another begins.

Vive la Indian Politics!

Dr Manmohan Singh, I wish you all the very best in taking my India to unseen heights and growth.



  1. are you OK with this? I know you’ve been really concerned the last few days about how this was going to turn out. Do you think this man is what you’re looking for?

    1. Yes. Surely.

      Dr Manmohan Singh is ONE man in the Indian Congress Party that the people of India (political afficliations, no bar) respect. He was the architect of the “liberalization” of the Indian economy in the 1990s, and is one of the mots educated and brilliant economists in the country.

      Amberish K Diwanji’s article Not his Mistress’s voice and G K Gokhale’s Why is Dr Singh Sonia’s choice? throw more light on this.

      Basically I am now being optimistic about the whole thing… 😉


      PS: The primary concern about lack of leaders remains…

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