They say that the world can change in a moment. How true. Here I was, away for the weekend in Trivandrum to attend Mazma – the Indian Street Magician’s Competition, and my world changed. Literally.

I can well see Shakespeare and Eco fighting over the Name of the Rose… as the people of Bangalore prepare to rename the IT/BPO capital of India to Bengalooru. The political rulers of Karnataka seem to have decided to put a stop to the never ending bickering of the citizens of this cybercity about the lack of infrastucture.

Bangalore – the word – has a modern touch to it. It is a word easy to pronounce no wonder which part of the world you come from. What with a new word (albeit derogatory) being evolved from it being the IT hub of the world – Bangalored. All this widespread attention no doubt brings on a lot more pressure on the Government of Karnataka to make Bangalore a world city. Was that not what the former government (of S M Krishna) want to do – make Bangalore a Singapore?

Is the decision logical? Let’s look to Google for an answer (the omniscient that it is, Google should have the answer to *everything*):

A Google search on the word “Bangalore” throws up 16,300,000 search results! Compare this to “Bengalooru” which throws up only 2,000 results or “Bengaluru” which throws up a mere 830 hits! Clearly by adopting a name that is not very famous and well known, even to the omniscient Google, the Government hopes to reduce on the visibility of the city, and thereby hopes to reduce the evergrowing demand to tackle the issues of lack of infrastructure.

With this in mind, I have a suggestion to our esteemed politicians: Change the name back to the original name – Benda Kaluru. This way, the historicity of the name of the city would be set right, and also the confusion that exists as why it was ever renamed to Bangalore, will be negated to oblivion. To make matters best, Google has less than 600 hits (563 to be exact!) on the word “Benda Kaluru“. This is lesser than the number of hits on my name! Not that I am famous, but talk about the perfect way to vanish into oblivion.

So what say, Benda Kalurians? Ready to step into 2007 in a new guise, and with a new identity? We may not be the land of boiled beans anymore, but it sure has a lot of other beans to talk about?



  1. i want it to remain bangalore
    -Lohit Bangalore Vijayarenu 😉 that is the reason :))

    1. Are you and Nithin related? He also has Bangalore in his name!

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