What’s next…? Arnie as President ?

An interesting piece… What next… Arnold as president…

With the US already acting as a global policeman, Arnie will be the right man too 😉

Schwarzenegger’s life: From humble boyhood to movie star to governor

ERICA WERNER, Associated Press Writer

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the small-town boy from Austria who yearned for fame and power in America, is ready to move on to the next page of his own improbable script.

Schwarzenegger is following the footsteps of fellow actor Ronald Reagan who transformed his star power first into the governorship of California, then to the presidency. But his course is also unique: rising from an immigrant who barely spoke English to champion bodybuilder and world famous movie star.

Now he is to lead the nation’s most populous and diverse state, seizing his chance when grass-roots anger at Gov. Gray Davis erupted into the first recall election in the state’s history.

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