The mornings “Reporters” on BBC World had a story of how N Korea experimented with WMDs on its own people… prisoners, et al.

Don’t like the way the media is slowly NOW turning towards Iran, and N Korea… manufacturing consent revisited?

The smell is surely not good … whadyathink?



  1. well saw manufacturing consent.. liked it…
    saw wag the dog and loved it..
    so u r interested in sociology and magic.. well me too..
    actually chanced upon ur frnds blog[ siddharth]was lookin for fellow ruskin bond and roald dahl lovers.. do u read em too…
    dont attempt reading my thoughts u might need a therapist… lol

    1. Nice to hear from you…

      Wow! I have not seen the film yet. Have read the book though. And would love to catch up on the film too.

      September 11 was a film I watched some time back, and that was truly fabulous. Moore’s Bowling for Columbine is another favourite. Have been hunting for my copy of Farhenheit 11, in vain.

      Nice to know we have common interests, although I am not into Ruskin Bond nor Dahl.

      Keep in touch.


      1. Re: Nice to hear from you…

        hmmm well u is sept 11 u talkin abt 911 fahrenheit.. thn i gave up the search long ago.. lol
        as for moore read a bit of dude wheres my country …. not tht impressive as i am not fond of bush bashing… u see i cudnt care less abt bush .. sitting on an expensive mahogany table , imposing sanction , encroaching foreign land…. well he shud be in an asylum…

        1. Re: Nice to hear from you…

          No. I am not talking of Farhenheit 9/11, although that is a film I am trying to get my hands on, as I simply loved ‘Bowling for Columbine’. I like most of Moore’s books because they make a good read; they are indeed hilarious, and he has a ‘inimitable’ way of expressing his thoughts ­čÖé

          The September 11 film I referred to goes by the title “11’09”01 – September 11″. The following links give more information about the same:

          As far as my opinion goes… It is a MUST SEE!


  2. heY!

    just tryin to get to know all the konkanis on LJ.
    great site man!!!!!!
    keep up the good work.

    1. Re: heY!

      Thanks Kudavmaam ­čśë

      Nice to catch up with another amchi too…

      I am in Bangalore. Where’s you?



      1. Re: heY!

        i am from mulki a place close to mangalore,doin my engi in mysore.

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