I salute the brave martyrs of my motherland who laid down their lives fighting for the freedom and security of the people of India.

I salute the brave policemen and soldiers who are, even as I write this, exchanging fire with the terrorists holed up in some of the top hotels in Mumbai.

I salute the brave firemen who were busy fighting the flames atop the Hotel Taj — even as the security forces and the terrorists exchanged bullets!

I salute the resolve of the brave Mumbaikars who will continue to lead their lives against all odds.

True. The terrorists attacked Mumbai.
True, that they targeted some of the hippest hotels in the commercial and cultural capital of the country.
True, that their primary targets seemed to be foreigners staying in there.
True also, that their primary target seemed to be the top three police men who were on a war against terror and terrorists.

Having said that, this has to be seen as an attack on India and Indian-ism. This is an attack on democracy, an attack on freedom, an attack on the people of India.

The Terrorists may seem to have won a battle here, as they mauled down the top three anti-terrorist cops, and also most of the morale of the police force.

But it is a truism and a certainty that the NSG Commandoes, the ATS, the RAF, and the other security and police personnel will win over the situation, and give a fitting reply to whosoever dared attack my country and its countrymen.

Among all this, I can’t help but raise a pertinent question: What the heck on earth was the Television Media thinking as they broadcast their up-to-the-bullet LIVE telecast of what was happening at the Taj and the Oberoi hotels?

I sat up in front of my idiot box in the morning shaking my head in disbelief, and wanting to wake up from a terrible dream, as I heard the Times Now newscasters describe every single move that the police and security forces were making and not making!

I could not believe that any journalist could be so foolish (yes, I said foolish) and so moronic (I am not sure that’s even a word, but I think it should be!) that he or she was following the actions and plans of the security forces on camera, broadcasting it in realtime and also giving words to what was happening in detail!

“The police are trying to storm the hotel from this door at the back of the nearby building, which has a connection into the hotel”

“You can see the security forces on this balcony of the second floor of the building, getting ready to attack the terrorists”
(Oh!! Did I miss to use the “alleged” word? I don’t care!)

“The snipers are now stationed here (with live video footage, of course!) are are trying to get a clear shot of the terrorists from the window”

Did this information and realtime news and imagery help me in any way at all?
No. It did not.

Did this LIVE news footage help any body who was watching this from the safety of their rooms?
No. I think not.

So who did this news best benefit, if any at all?
Yes! You guessed it!

The terrorists who were inside the hotel, keeping a close eye on their hostages (who I sincerely hope are alive and unharmed)! All the terrorists need do is switch on the TV… and watch every plan of attack that the security forces come up with on TV… Live and Realtime!

Tell me my media friends: Are you as dumb as that? Really? Or have we reached a date and time when the viewership and TV ratings have gone on to count above everything else? Even National security!

Think again, Media! Whose side are you on? Or are you really that foolish?

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  1. Exactly, Satya!

    Now they say that they have shut off all the TV connection in that hotel.

    It does not matter. With the kind of widespread operations these terrorists have provenly have, anybody could be watching the TV anywhere in Mumbai / rest of India and conveying the information as they see on the screen to the terrorists holed up inside.

    Who is accountable for all the lives that the security personnel (Police, ATS, Firemen, Army, NSG, et al.) are losing in this operation, especially in operations that may be jeopardised by this unmindful foolish realtime coverage?


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