(Fair warning: The following post is rather philosophical, and may appear a tad diatribical to some.)

I have often been interested about relativity of time and space — albeit of a philosophical nature. And this would not come as a surprise to anybody who has interacted with me for a while.

There have been many a instance–in this life–where the mind has acted in what could be described as queer, or picking up from Dr Richard Wiseman’s recent book – Quirky. The mind seems to lose all sense of time (duration) and space (distance) with certain people, with who you feel a special connection; In catching up with a hitherto unknown person for what is definitely a very short point in time, you get the feeling that you have known them for ages… for some eons of time.

I have been lucky to experience this feeling on more than a handful of occasions — the result being I have this bunch of very close and trusted people in my life, each meeting with who only adds a couple of lifetimes of closeness! Each of these individuals that I now have in my life, hold a distinctive and inseparable position in that; Sharing a connection that is special, mystical and almost nearly inexplicable.

These are the people one could say with hindsight – “we just connected”. And therein lies my question (possibly, rhetorical in nature).

What is it that really brings each of us on this common plane of understanding? What is it that brings this special set of individuals so near and dear to one, after just one or two meetings, letters, mails, chats, or telephonic conversations?

I have and continue to speak about “coincidences” and their role in life, on destiny per se. But as I look within and analyse the people around me – the company of who makes me what I am – I cannot help but think and ask: Is this all a mere coincidence? I can’t help but borrow a couple of thoughts from Richard Bach and James Redfield, and ask: Is there really anything called coincidence? Why does everything in life seem to have a plot – an agenda even?

There have been occasions where I tried to find answers to these questions, analysing a moment that befriended one or deconstructing a chance meeting that made somebody an inseparable part of life as I know it. The large number of shabby theories and repudiated hypotheses are a witness that an answer is not anywhere in sight.

As I deliberate on these matters, my thoughts tend to be perplexed and grow more confused. But one thing remains true: I am thankful to these people in my life – who share that magical bond with me – for having chosen to go along, and make my life special and memorable.


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  1. I call that initial connection “core brain dump”…when you meet someone for the first time, but you suddenly feel as though you have always known them? You know their favorite color, what sort of food they like, how they feel about philosophical issues. My husband and I had that initial connection, and my best friend of 20+ years had that connection. It’s amazing when it happens.

    I don’t really believe in coincidences, so much as I think the universe probably has a plan, and we are all but players in the cosmic theatre. ­čśë (Which is not to suggest that I believe in whatever the anti-evolution people are calling their flat-earth theory this week.)

    I also believe in reincarnation, and I think that some people will meet through out various lifetimes, because something between them either needs to be resolved, or because something draws them together. I think that, gods willing, we go through life trying to better ourselves, our world, and perhaps even those around us, and eventually maybe we don’t need to keep coming back to Earth. Maybe someday, we actually learn all there is to know…well, the important things anyway…and who’s to say what’s important?

    But while we learn, I think we will encounter those who impacted us deeply in former lives, and while coming across them may seem coincidental, I believe it’s because there is something we need or want from that person.

    But then, I could be a loon. ­čśë

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