Nakul Shenoy conducting a session for senior faculty of Manipal University

Experiential Workshops

Nakul Shenoy epitomises a Mentalist in real-life: an expert in communication, design and people behaviour, he is an accomplished magician, hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and memory enthusiast. Add in his experiences as a lecturer in communication theory and a trainer in design thinking to the mix, and it is quite evident that he is the best choice to deliver hands-on workshops to help understand secrets of effective communication, influence and people behaviour.


Most leaders aiming to climb the corporate ladders aspire to better their communication and make it top-notch. In fact, they would love to be able to super-boost their people skills and transform into the most impactful communicators.

Nakul Shenoy turns this impossible dream into reality by sharing the best-kept secrets of influence and persuasion to make your messaging most effective and efficient. Learnings from people behaviour, hypnotism, NLP, even magic, join forces to transform attendees into master communicators.

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Imbibing the classic model of classroom-training, Nakul Shenoy’s Workshop in Performing Magic teaches not just the basics and nuances of the art of magic, but also introduces the much-needed presentational and stagecraft aspects. Among other things, this workshop brings to life Nakul’s acclaimed book Smart Course In Magic in the most joyful and interactive way.

Designed specially with the professional and corporate employees in mind, this course is your unique opportunity to learn the nuances of magical performance and stagecraft. A rare hands-on, two-day experiential programme that enables you to perform amazing magic, most anywhere and at a moment’s notice!

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If kickstarting innovation via design thinking is your need, look no further! Nakul Shenoy is one of the few User Experience professionals who have lived the talk with design thinking in multiple full-design cycle projects and continue to help companies adopt the process.

Noted by his peers as a natural and discerning user researcher, Nakul has been crafting user-friendly and accessible experiences for top enterprise & consumer solutions since 2000. With hands-on expertise in managing multi-city research projects, he is most-suited to help achieve your innovation goals.

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