Nakul Shenoy’s Workshop in Performing Magic

A rare hands-on, experiential programme that enables you to perform amazing magic, most anywhere and at a moment’s notice!


Suitable for all ages (12+), this is best suited for college students, corporate professionals, amateur magicians and trainers.

This is your unique opportunity to learn the nuances of magical performance and stagecraft from the globally-acclaimed magician, hypnotist and author Nakul Shenoy.

Among other things, this workshop brings to life Nakul’s acclaimed book Smart Course In Magic in the most joyful and interactive way.


Two-Day Interactive Workshop:
+ Includes: Tea and Lunch (both days)
++ Bonus: Smart Course Instruction Manual
+++ Special Bonus: Smart Course Magic Kit

Nakul Shenoy presents
Workshop in Performing Magic

  • Are you one of those who has been fascinated by magic?
  • Have you ever toyed with the idea of being a magician?
  • Have you ever tried learning magic tricks ?
  • Have you ever felt the need to have a hobby that could entertain your close ones?
  • Would you like to be the magician at your child’s next birthday?

Nakul Shenoy has designed and developed a focused, intensive two-day programme aimed specially at the beginners and hobbyists to enable them to learn and perform magic in an easy way.

Imbibing the classic model of classroom-training, Nakul Shenoy’s Workshop in Performing Magic teaches not just the basics and nuances of the art of magic, but also introduces the much-needed presentational and stagecraft aspects.

Designed specially with the professional and corporate employees in mind, this course provides the know-how, training, and the essential tools to take up the art of magic as a hobby or even more seriously – as a profession! This workshop also covers aspects of basic history, theory of magic, and familiarises the attendees with the various genres of magic.

Magic has been known to entertain all ages. It has been known to be used by doctors and other professionals as a hobby both for their own enjoyment and also to entertain those around them. The two-day course teaches you all that you need to be able to learn, master and perform magic for people around you – your family, friends, and even complete strangers!

Over the tightly-packed two days, The Nakul Shenoy Workshop in Magic teaches over 30 different magic effects, and equips you to entertain at a moment’s notice – be it using cards, coins, ropes, and of course some very special magic props! No wonder then that this is a sought-after course even among magicians, and not just the beginners.

In addition to providing the fundamentals of magical entertainment, this workshop paves the perfect path for the participants to take up a more active interest in the art of magic. Along with sharing the theory and workings of the magical craft, this workshop also aims at improving one’s presentation and public-speaking skills, which are so integral to the art of magical entertainment – and life per se.

Whether you want to learn magic out of interest, make it a hobby, be an amateur performer, or pursue it as a profession, this workshop fits in to help you realise your dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be an amazing magician!

The Benefits of Learning Magic

  • Self-Confidence sees a strong boost
  • Develops creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Improves public speaking & presentation skills
  • Wonderful tool for those working in the development sector
  • Provides immense possibilities for entertaining education
  • The best ice-breaker one can have to make new friends
  • Mystify and entertain friends and family
  • Fabulous hobby to keep your mind and body active
  • Protection against pseudoscientific scams and frauds
  • Makes you unique among your colleagues and peers
  • Effective medium of communicating messages of social relevance
  • Special add-on to those working in storytelling and/or with children
  • Essential knowledge for those in the skeptic and rationalist circles



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Here’s what some of our alumni say about the Workshop In Magic:

I greatly enjoyed the Magic Workshop. The thrill, the high, the sheer excitement makes it one of the true highlights of my experiences in the recent past. Nakul is a performer beyond compare and a genuinely gifted teacher. He brought to the event the quintessentially right mix of talent, experience and genuineness that made a wholesome atmosphere so essential for learning.
 – Mr Alex Abraham, Bangalore

Spent two educative days at Nakul Shenoys Magic Workshop. As a bonus, was duped, deceived puzzled, challenged, entertained, enriched and supplied with non-stop cups of coffee. I cant say Ive become the life of the party, but I am certain that I have acquired a few more skills at communicating and being more persuasive. Nakuls workshop goes beyond making things appear and disappear, beyond magic, beyond patter, beyond performance. It goes to the heart of communication ensuring that people see what you want them to see. Yes, it helps that I also learnt to make coins vanish, join cut ropes, change objects without touching them, predict things and read minds.
 – Mr Arun Katiyar, Bangalore

The two day workshop was Beyond Expectations. Nakuls course, apart from teaching us magic, taught us to communicate, visualize, perform, and most importantly to be creative all the time.
 – Mr Rajesh Nair, Bangalore

Time well spent. Loved the fact as to how the workshop was not just about doing a magic show but also how to create and present the magic in the spectators mind and subtly communicate, gently persuade and delightfully entertain them. Nakuls easy freewheeling teaching style, personalized observations and deep insights into his own rich experience were some of the unforgettable highlights. For me the greatest effect he pulled was how he was able to cover so much in just 2 days right from manually creating the tricks to presenting them as theatrical masterpieces!! Highly recommended if you are interested in Magic.
 – Mr Karthik Rao, Chennai