Nakul Shenoy presents Secrets of Persuasion – an advanced workshop in communication


  • What makes some people strong and effective communicators?

  • Why are some people able to deliver high-impact speeches and presentations?

  • How is it that a few people are so good at persuading others to agree to their suggestions?


If you have ever pondered on the answers to any of the above questions, this workshop is for you. If you have been looking to improve your interpersonal skills and magically transform into a strong and effective communicator, then this workshop is tailor-made for you.


Nakul Shenoy reveals the best-kept secrets of persuasion and influence to equip you with the same tools used by the most influential speakers and entertainers in the world. Arcane techniques and academic learnings from the diverse but inter-connected worlds of people behaviour, usability, magic, hypnotism, neuro-linguistic programming and human memory combine to pave the easiest path to understand human communication and make it tick.

This programme is best-suited for corporate leaders, industry professionals and college students who wish to advance their skills and become all-round communicators. Important aspects of body language and influence are leveraged to help you develop a strong, persuasive personality that others around will look up to.

By attending the Secrets of Persuasion workshop, you will be able to utilise the very same time-tested and proven tactics used by the most persuasive communicators in the world — and immediately improve the impact and effectiveness of your messages manifold. A hands-on, interactive session, this unique workshop designed by The Mind Reader Nakul Shenoy is guaranteed to transform not just your communication but also much of your thinking and approach to life.


About The Trainer

Nakul Shenoy is a master communicator and the speaker of choice for premiere events hosted by top corporates: be it for his inimitable mind-reading acts or his highly-engaging keynotes. Combining his academic learnings with a rich industry experience, Nakul tailors each of his presentations into a never-seen-before experience: one that stays forever in the minds and hearts of his audiences.

Best known as The Mind Reader, this acclaimed mentalist is the author of ‘Smart Course in Magic’ and a multi-faceted personality: a communication scientist, a design consultant with patents, a user experience researcher and a critical thinker. A compulsive reader of books and a self-proclaimed teaholic, he haunts Twitter as @NakulShenoy.


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