It is that time of the year again: a year that was draws to an end, and a new one beckons. We take not more than a moment to think of what transpired in the year that was, as we look to the new year with much hope and optimism — wishing it to be the best yet.

The year 2011 held many promises too, fueled a lot many aspirations and dreams. Some were fulfilled, some not. There are those that found 2011 to be the year that held many special things, and there are those that feel it brought along much despair.

Clearly, like every year, this year too brought along a mixed bag of feelings: some will choose to remember it, some will not. We have our reasons — mostly grounded in our own realities and contexts.

As we look to the new year 2012 with new hopes and new aspirations, as we keenly look to new beginnings to realise our long cherished dreams — I ask you to look back at the year that was.

Look back at the year that was in all earnestness and identify that one moment that makes 2011 unforgettable for you. Tell me that one moment — happy, ecstatic, joyous, sad, beautiful, unfortunate, heartbreaking, amazing, magical — that etches 2011 permanently in your memories for a lifetime.

Just type in your answer as a comment in this post so that the judges will have a single point of reference and I can ensure a fair contest. May the best reasons win.

The best 10 reasons we receive — inspiring, touching, meaningful — will be rewarded with my acclaimed ‘The Thinking Kit,’ an interesting way to understand how your mind works.

Here’s wishing that 2012 brings you all that you truly wish for and proves by far your best year till date.

Note: Contest ends at 12PM IST of 7th January 2012. Send in your entries before that.


  1. Because 2011 was an year where I was happy both professionally and personally

  2. 2011 is the most memorable is year for me. This year my sweet daughter entered our lives and I couldn’t have asked for more!

  3. The unforgettable moment in 2011 when I was gifted and appreciated for my good work by one of the top official in my organization for the successful completion of a project assigned to me. It was not the gift money which gave immense happiness, it was the recognition and appreciation which mattered a lot and kept my motivation towards my work even more.

  4. Couple of decisions that i made in early 2011 gave strength to weather the storms and the wisdom to count blessing.
    Started 2011 with clean slate, with few dots, then one idea begot another idea, and as things unfolded, i am left with eloquent portrait.
    2011 made me more analytical / observant and less judgmental.
    2011 is leaving me more motivated and determined to become better human being.

  5. Like in any other year this year had its ups and downs with its accompanying moments to either cherish or forget. However there is 4 mins and 34 seconds which I will remember forever. It was around September first week when I was reading Mahendra Palsule’s excellent series on Appreciating Western Classical Music [] The very first You Tube video it points to explains major and minor scales. Now I had given up trying to learn guitar in my mid 20’s and was as away from music as could be, just generally listening to what comes on radio and what my friends were writing about it. The 4 and half mins that I was watching the video resulted in a major Eureka moment for me. I know this will sound silly to most people but it was almost like the whole music space, which seemed to be an archaic act, had opened up to me. This led to me immediately digging out books I had forgotten and reading them again with this new found information. Next I knew I was learning guitar. My focus in learning an instrument extended to me being more focussed in other areas too, resulting in me getting out of a major depression that I was slowly sinking into. The long and short of it is that this single video managed to kick start me again. I am going into the new year with a lot more personal goals thanks to all the new stuff I am learning and the whole ocean of learning that is spread out in front of me. Thanks to Mahendra, his post and the gentleman who made that video I have got a whole new lease of life.

  6. 2011 is a remarkable year for me and i will remember this year for ever. I come from Sotware world and in particular Microsoft Technology. there are 2 memorable moments for me in 2011. In March we had an national tech event in Bangalore called TechEd 2011. I attended in person and made so many friends from the fraternity and i was able to meet big wigs from Microsoft itself. In Oct 2011 one of my dreams came true when i was awarded the most prestigious title from Microsoft itself – it is known as Microsoft Most Valuable Person or MVP. This is a title coveted for those who do exemplary community work like speaking, blogs etc … So 2011 is a remarkable year for me …. will remember for sure ….

  7. 2011 was the year my mother-in-law was found by the police canine unit after going missing in the woods for 18 hours overnight.

    The distress and fear my family endured was wiped out by the cop getting the radio call that she had been found alive and well.

    The police and dogs did an astonishing job in difficult conditions and we will be forever grateful to them.


  8. For me, its the year when we lost Steve Jobs.

  9. The year 2011 will mark a turning point in my life for many years to come, as it was during this year that I displayed the courage to give up a high-paying job and take up my passion and dream, worked really hard to pick up some new skills that will help me in my journey, and found my true calling. The journey that started in 2011 is giving me a lot of joy and taking me closer to realizing my purpose.

  10. 2011 came to an end leaving behind a vivid set of memories. I got associated with ‘The Art of Living’ and that was a life changing experience. From giving stares to people honking on the road and boiling my blood over things I could not control, I found myself to make a changeover to serenity, of accepting things I could not control and having the courage to try and change those I could. That, coupled with my decision to work my way and try my hand at stand up comedy in 2012 is something that made this year remarkable. And oh yes, I met you at Juniper Partner Event at Phuket and realised that reading minds is not bunkum, but solid science, philosophy, psychology and art at work!

  11. 2011 was a year of learnings. More from things that did not click, than from things that did. The biggest learning was about how important it is to leave a successor / team behind that is better than you are, the realisation that in order that you succeed as an individual, it is important that your team succeeds too, and to make every attempt and genuinely wish that your people succeed alongside! In a professional setup, you win or lose, together – with a set of people, and that is one learning from 2011 I will never forget as long as I live!

  12. sad, unfortunate, heartbreaking- lost Steve Jobs
    happy, ecstatic, joyous,beautiful – Blessed with a Baby boy

  13. The most Thrilling experience I have had in 2011 was my #HighSchoolReUnion that happened exactly on 31st-DECEMBER 2011 in my Native Place…

    This is/will be the most MEMORABLE for me as this High School REUNION of mine happened after 18-YEARS of my Schooling…

    In fact, even the Professional applauds did not thrill me as this one cause I met 50 of my School-Classmates & Batchmates (out of 150-Strength) as it would really be difficult to meet atleast 20-to-30 classmates, for everybody SCATTERED all around the world…

  14. One moment? My husband and kids organized a surprise 40th birthday party for me. Amidst the merriment and the martinis, I suddenly realized that I am exactly where I want to be, doing what I want to do. As someone who has led a somewhat turbulent life, that was my moment of peace.

  15. This was the year I found love, got into a higher-education institution after working hard, got a great summer internship and finally won a trip to Italy for two that I turned into a family vacation. Life has been good and I lived a blessed life in 2011. I pray such years are plentiful in future too!

  16. 2011 was the year when I actually realised that my generation’s future is a grave situation. I stepped out of my comfort cocoon, took a flag and marched miles protesting when Anna called for the youth. I had never dreamed that one day I’ll be part of a protest march, will hold flag for patriotism and shout slogans. Now I really feel having done something which has ignited spark across India for getting the much desired change. I’m optimist that it will happen, the process has begun. The future now belongs only to us.

  17. I got my first job this year. This year made me independent in true sense, and my hard work made me and parents proud 🙂 Happy New Year all, have a great great year ahead 🙂

  18. Its the year, that my dreams came into existence, personal and professional. I took decisions that I never thought I would take. Its also the year when my mum and I became ‘facebook friends’ and a lot closer than what I would have imagined us to be.

  19. 2011 was really not a good year for me. Heartbroken I was and was going through a mental trauma and on top of it, my country’s situation was in eternal jeopardy. I was looking for a reason to smile, to think positively and to look forward to life (in whatever way it unfolds to me) and God has given me reasons to look forward, to move ahead and embrace life.

    I found the truth of being. Self-actualization pleasantly haunt my way. My first ever independent travel in my 28 years of life. I traveled and tried 2 sports which completely change the perspective of ‘life’ itself for me. At first when i started Paragliding and the instructor taught me the basics of kiting, I was so hopeless that I will not be able to do it ever. Because I cannot spread my shoulders that wide, but I did. In fact I was the best in the group. And the second sport which happened to be the life-turning event was Cliff Diving. A dive from 40 ft. right into the big, deep, blue lake, while you know that the pressure of falling on to the waterbed can burst my life jacket and i don’t know swimming. Whoaaa. I thought about it only for once and I thought ‘so-what? Even if I die, it would mean that I destine to die this way’ the first ever lesson of faith. and I survived, I spent couple of hours lying on the biggest ever waterbed. Thinking, crying, smiling and laughing all to myself. It changed. Changed Me.

    Hence, this was the year when I discovered the power of FAITH and power of LIFE.

  20. 2011 was an year of dichotomy of emotions for me. An year that brought me together with my 91′ royal enfield and fiat Palio-my first car, A promotion at work. Unfortunately had the latter 2 come any earlier, it would’ve had a totally different significance.

    Be that as it may, 2011 is an year that has basically been before June22nd-July 7th. World was still a beautiful rosy place with everything to look upto, when June 22nd brought a turmoil in the form of an accident that snatched away a pillar of my strength, my dad! 16 days of my life was spent sheer helplessness against HIS will. All I could do then was to pray, pray and finally ask GOD to have mercy on dad. Looks like God sought the easier way to do so and took him away. 6 months post July has been time that’s got me into absolute mute mode. A shell I’m now trying to break away from. 

    Will I, won’t I ? 

    Honestly, I don’t know and don’t bother any longer. All I want to do now is to be the best son to my mom and a responsible brother to my sister. 

    It’s not about me anymore. Is it?

  21. my 4 year old daughter runs to me, hugs me tight, looks into my eyes for long and ask my “amma why do you love me so much”. mad me smile, I had tears in my eyes and made me think. May be magic of motherhood.

  22. 2011 is the most important year in my life when I had lost and found myself. Jan 2012 has witnessed a new me who is more vibrant, lovable, content and happy.

  23. I never had good terms with my brother. We always used to fight even on the silliest issue, you can ever imagine. I always wanted him away from my life and hated him more than anything.

    Last year, in July 2011, I needed a huge sum of money to book my flat. I never discussed this with my brother. I never wanted him to help and I was sure, he would also not wish to help. I dropped the plan of buying a flat.

    Ten days later my account got topped up with the amount I required. I was surprised and worried about, who made this transaction. I rushed to the bank and realized it was my brother. The amount was more than 80% of his savings. Tear rolled on my cheek right away and made this moment an unforgettable one, not only of 2011 but of my entire life.

  24. 2011 was a dreamy year. I got myself a MacBook Pro (thanks to my parents, and brother for wanting a laptop for himself) which I had been dreaming of owning for a few years. In related news Steve Jobs decided to leave Apple, and well the rest we know too well.
    Another reason 2011 has been dreamlike is because well I have been doing well for myself, getting good grades in college, making a few good friends in the process, and trying to make sense of where I want to be when I complete my MBA (less than 6 months left to it).

    To summarize it has been a amazingly satisfactory year – personally, professionally, and materialistically.
    There was no love or break up in this year, so yes, more amazing than satisfactory 🙂

  25. Thank you all for the enthusiastic response to this contest. The contest closed on the January 7th ,2012. You may continue to add comments if you wish, but anything posted after January 8th would not be considered for the purposes of the contest.



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