It’s illegal to annoy
A new federal law states that when you annoy someone on the Internet,you must disclose your identity. Here’s the relevant language.:
“Whoever…utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by the Internet… without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person…who receives the communications…shall be fined under title18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”
For more details, read: Perspective: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail

So the next time you want to lambaste somebody or rant over some issue over the Internet… do remember to sign off using your name.


PS: Thanks spiderfarmer in whose blog I saw this news first.


  1. It may also help to not live in the United States ­čśë

    1. Well… At least with me that’s the case, as I live in India ­čÖé

      But how long is it going to be before other countries too take up the big brother attitude?


      1. sad but true. All we can do is try to open as many eyes as possible to prevent that from happening.

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