As we bid adieu to the year that was and welcome with gusto and hope the new year, it is important to spend some time remembering in the mind’s eye all the good things that the last year brought us. As important as that, is the need to spare a quiet thought to the difficult and sad moments, and ponder over the situations that made things rather unpleasant.

Most of all, it is worth the time and effort to think good thoughts about all those that made your life special this last year, and even those that made it a tad difficult. More than anything, this ensures we start our journey into the new year with positive thoughts, a clean slate, and a renewed energy to achieve all our dreams.

If the last year turned out better than most, the new year 2013 will bring you much joy, happiness, peace, prosperity and success. There will be a couple of hurdles early on in the year that may seem to spoil all that you aim for; yet as you engage and surpass them you will learn that what seemed obstacles in your path were in fact the rungs to success.

As you welcome the New Year 2013, it is important to keep an open mind and maintain a tight rein on cynicism. Be prepared and open to taking up a challenge that comes your way, about a quarter of the year in. I need not highlight the prudency of welcoming the change that comes your way, especially in terms of a change of place and profile.

Travel will be as unplanned as ever, with increased opportunities coming your way. For a change you will be able to make most of it too. Keep an eye on health, not just yours but also those in your family – for while nothing serious will come your way, it is prudent to be cautious and prepared.

Money will not really be a problem as it will always reach you just as you need it, although you will do good to keep the finances a tad tighter. You will be able to make and spend more time with your near and dear ones, and this includes going on that one elusive vacation you have been planning for a while.

In fact, you will be hearing a much-awaited good news within the next nine days. It has eluded you for a long while, so stay patient for a tad bit more and happily bear the fruits thereto!

All in all, 2013 is going to be a great year for you: the best till date, bringing with it a healthy mix of emotions and success, and some long cherished dreams fulfilled. All you need to win it over is optimism, an open mind, and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Have a magical year 2013!

My best,


PS: The above “annual horoscope” is presented in jest, taking a dig at the way most “predictions” are made. Having said that, I solemnly wish that my predictions above, take on the wings of a prayer and come true in accordance to your best interests. May 2013 be your best year yet.