It’s about time… a long time actually… since I made any post here…

The reason? Well, I quit the IPS industry in December 2001, and was too busy to get my bearings… Pursuing a PhD on one hand.. and trying to settle in life.

Things are a lot clearer now… Yep. Got married this April 😉

And am back in the software industry… Although I am not yet sure whether technical writing is what I want to do, after having been an information architect… But the bottom line is that the pay is good… and as of now that’s what counts… 😉

More than pleased to know that a good friend has decided to “settle down in life”. Finally…! :->

With a job under the belt–and back online with adequate “bandwidth”–I should now be getting back to more normal habits… like letting my thoughts out into the cyberspace

Thanks for being there…

Watch this space… for more.


  1. welcome back 🙂

  2. Hey! It’s been a long time. Welcome back and congrats on the upgrade 🙂

    1. Hey! Thanks Dawn! Thanks Ram!

      I had never seen thess welcome messages…


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