Here I am back in the “industry”… and back to being paid for using a PC.

And here I am back to being dependent on the whims and fancies of Bill, the Gates-way to the cyberworld.

It’s barely been 5 days, since I have re-entered the cyberworld… and was told of a malicious worm that endangers the PC, by crashing the Windows OS!!!

Seriously. I don’t know why people waste so much time and energy to create something that is going to do what is anyway inevitable… crash Windows! I mean… it crashes anyway, right?! So why take the trouble?

Well. I am not a geek. And that must be the reason I guess I cannot answer that…

Anyway–bringing the train back to the track–I was told that one needs to download something called a “critical update” to safeguard one’s PC from crashing…

Not wanting to be a spoilsport… I too began the download process. I thought the words “Critical update” sounded ominous, but I did not want to be the one who was superstitious…

But with hindsight, I should have known better and trusted the “intuition”. Yeah. I am intuitive… Bijoy would vouch for it. I read minds, and bend spoons… ­čśë

Coming back to the PC… or what’s left of it… after a 30-min wait (I enjoy the services of a corporate lease line) the screen proclaimed the much-awaited message:
“Installation complete. You need to restart your machine.”

And restart I did. And that was the last I saw of the machine!

Oh yes! It was brought back to life. The kindhearted computer administrator brought it back to life… But as in a new life, I realised that the computer did not remember anything from its past life!

Yes. Thanks to the Critical Update, I had lost every single file (not to mention 5 days of work) that was on the computer!

Sometimes I wonder… Is this where the belief in the afterlife and reincarnation stems from…? Is this proof that there is indeed life-after-death?


  1. tsk, tsk… the magician stumbles

  2. just a note: your hyphens are superfluous

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